Standard Presentation (15 mins) Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Development and Usage of Open Access Multi-decadal Ocean Temperature Data Products  (#123)

Moninya Roughan 1 , Amandine Schaeffer 1 , Michael Hemming 1
  1. University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Australia is in the enviable position of having some of the longest coastal ocean datasets in the world. Historically, accessing and handling the data has been a challenge, requiring the user to download individual files for aggregation and apply QC. Here we present 21 new data products at four long term coastal sites that include aggregated and gridded temperatures, daily temperature climatologies, and indices/metrics for extreme ocean temperature events, such as marine heatwaves and cold-spells. These data products provide information at multiple depths throughout the water column, and use ocean temperature data records of more than 65 years. We show the utility of these data products through case studies, and describe the steps required to create such data products from concept to being published. Such open access data is becoming increasingly valuable as ocean ecosystems and the networks that rely on them will come under increased pressure from a changing climate system.