Standard Presentation (15 mins) - Edits Required Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Indigenous organisations developing and testing new technology for adaptative management of threats to coastal ecosystems.  (#73)

Justin Perry 1
  1. NAILSMA, Brinkin, AUSTRALIA, Australia

The opportunity to use technology to support land management decision making and activities has expanded dramatically in recent history.  This provides great opportunity, but can also lead to perverse outcomes such as a widening technology skills gap and replacing ground based activities with remotely managed solutions.  NAILSMA is working with Indigenous organisations, technology partners (Microsoft and Tesltra) and research partners (CSIRO, CDU, JCU and UWA) to develop new methods that aim to put Indigenous people in the drivers seat during the development and testing phase.  This approach has allowed the team to embed the values of the technology end users (Indigenous rangers and Traditional Owners) into the functionality of the solutions.  Because we have built the solutions together with land managers the data and outputs have been directly relevant to the planning and reporting that organisations need and this has meant results have been immediately integrated into adaptive management processes.  The team is now scaling the solution across northern Australia and are working with our partners to develop the supporting infrastructure and training that will help them to make the most of the ever expanding opportunities.