Standard Presentation (15 mins) Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Supporting Sea Country Partnerships for Australian Marine Parks (#114)

Zoe Cozens 1 , David Logan 1
  1. Parks Australia, Kingston, TAS, Australia

Parks Australia manages Australian Marine Parks located in Commonwealth waters (at least 5.5km from the coast of Australia). There are 5 Networks of Australian Marine Parks (Temperate East, South-east, South-west, North-west and North) and the Coral Sea Marine Park. Management plans for each of these Networks aim to protect and conserve natural, cultural and heritage values and sustainable use.

These management plans establish Indigenous engagement principles and an Indigenous engagement program (which is one of 7 management programs). Co-create, co-design and co-deliver are intrinsic to the application of the Indigenous engagement principles and our Indigenous engagement program outcomes.

Parks Australia appreciates the aspirations of Sea Country managers for their Country and communities and seeks to enhance their capacity to manage their Country. We also recognise the value of Indigenous science and Indigenous Knowledge and the rights of Traditional Owners to Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property.

Through partnerships with Sea Country managers, other government agencies and marine science institutions, we are identifying and harnessing opportunities for Sea Country managers to lead and/or participate in two-way research and monitoring activities and to enhance their capability for delivering two-way science in support of management and discovery of Australian Marine Parks.