Albert J Whippy Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Albert J Whippy

Name: Albert Whippy Current Job Title: Scientific Officer Company: Institute of Applied Science, University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus, Suva, Fiji. Hometown: Kadavu, an island in the Southern Part of Fiji Alma mater: Fiji College of Advanced Education with a Diploma in Education, University of the South Pacific with a double major in Geography and Marine Studies , Post Graduate Diploma in Marin Studies, Master of Arts in Marine Management. Personal and professional goals: Learn as much as I can and acquire the relevant skills and knowledge with the use of different technology that supports research and other professional development Networking and collaboration A relevant achievement or accomplishment: Co-author of a chapter in a book: • “Sattler, D. N., Whippy, A., Graham, J. M., & Johnson, J. (2018). Psychological model of climate change adaptation: Influence of resource loss, posttraumatic growth, norms, and risk Perception following Cyclone Winston in Fiji. In In Leal Filho, W. (Ed.), Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies to Coastal Communities. Berlin: Springer. • “Sattler, D. N., Whippy, A., Johnson, J., Vucago, N., & Graham, J. (2016, July). Cyclone Winston in Fiji: Climate change risk perceptions, posttraumatic stress, coping, and resilience among survivors”. Hobbies: Loves meeting people, learning new ideas, travelling and correspondence and playing rugby and volleyball Skills and areas of expertise: Teacher by profession and have a passion in conservation work and research

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