Matt Nimbs Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Matt Nimbs

Through his research into the popular yet enigmatic Australian sea slug fauna, Matt has established himself as one of Australia’s authorities on this group, developing particular expertise on the Aplysiidae, the sea hares. His inventory publications have brought complex biodiversity and taxonomic data into the public realm and he has produced one of only a handful of electronic identification keys to a marine invertebrate group. His taxonomic work on the sea-hares has helped resolve long-standing and complex questions among a group that have significant value for biomedical and neurological research. During the course of his PhD, Matt developed the practical skills and analytical proficiencies required to implement rigorous integrated morphological and molecular analyses requisite to the modern systematic taxonomist. These skills will readily translate across a vast suite of contemporary zoological research, and, combined with an excellent publication record for a PhD graduate, they provide Matt with a strong platform from which he will continue to expand his scientific career.

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