Scott J Morrissey Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Scott J Morrissey

Scott is currently undertaking his PhD at James Cook University where he is working to reveal secrets surrounding the ecology of the world’s most venomous animal, the Australian Box Jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri). Scott, under the supervision of Professor Michael Kingsford and Professor Dean Jerry, is developing and utilising the environmental DNA (eDNA) technique to study this deadly jellyfish. He is specifically investigating the use of the technique to detect life-history stages of the jellyfish and to understand where their elusive polyp stage is located. This work, in addition to his previous research, where he examined the utility of statolith elemental chemistry to reconstruct and elucidate movement histories of cubozoan jellyfish, aids in filling critical knowledge gaps surrounding the jellyfish and cubozoans in general. Scott has an interest in new and emerging technologies, such as eDNA, which can further the understanding and management of the marine realm.

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