Cameron Fletcher Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Cameron Fletcher

Dr Cameron Fletcher studies the way people interact with the environment in systems where it is this interaction that drives change, to guide more effective management and solve Australia's environmental challenges. Dr Fletcher leads research collaborations leveraging digital methods and domain knowledge to provide actionable recommendations to managers. His current work, with collaborators, provides the ecological foundation for the Australian government's ~$240m Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish Control Program on the Great Barrier Reef. Since 2018, the Control Program has protected 400 reefs, removed 1.2 million starfish, and won the 2023 National Banksia Award for Sustainability. Dr Fletcher also leads science strategy at CSIRO. He is currently the Science Strategy Lead for the Water Security Program of CSIRO Environment, working with domain experts from across the Program to guide the development of a new foundation for Australian water research at CSIRO.

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