Joel Williams Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Joel Williams

Joel Williams is a marine ecologist with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and is based in Port Stephens. His research interests include the spatial ecology of temperate mesophotic ecosystems (40-100m). More specifically understanding what fishes live where in relation to reef and habitat structure. This research is component of the National Environmental Science Programme Marine Biodiversity Hub's project to assess the marine biodiversity assets and recreational fishing effort around the newly establish network of Australian Marine Parks. Joel has extensive experience using modern technologies such as baited remote underwater video, remote operated vehicles and acoustic telemetry to collect data at depths below scuba diving limits. Joel completed his BSc (Hons) at Deakin University and a PhD at the University of Melbourne in linking environmental flows to the productivity of an estuarine sparid Acanthopagrus butcheri. Joel has been an active member of ASFB for 10 years and was award the Student International Travel Scholarship in 2011 to attend the 9th IPFC in Japan and the Early Career Travel Scholarship in 2017 to attend the 10th IPFC in Tahiti.

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