Alexandre C. Siqueira Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Alexandre C. Siqueira

I have particular interest in the historical, evolutionary and ecological processes that determine species’ distribution around the globe. In my research, I use phylogenetics and comparative methods to answer questions about macroecology, macroevolution and biogeography. My research focuses on coral reefs due to their astonishing biodiversity and complexity, being one of the most interesting systems to study on earth. I earned a MSc degree in Ecology from UFSC (Brazil, 2015), after which I acted as an Ecology and Zoology Lecturer at the same university. I then did my PhD at JCU under the supervision of Peter Cowman and David Bellwood, examining the evolution, macroecology and biogeography of coral reef fishes from a trophic perspective. Now, as a Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow at Edith Cowan University, I am investigating the evolution of key functions in coral reef organisms and its consequences for present-day biodiversity patterns.

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