Jennie G Gilbert Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Jennie G Gilbert

Jennie is a zoologist/marine biologist/Veterinary Technician who has dedicated herself to helping wildlife. Initially working with megafauna, then dolphins and ultimately fell into turtles which has definitely become her life's commitment. Twenty three years ago she co- founded Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. Starting from a small area, 2 people and one turtle, CTRC is now has three centres in Cairns and a satellite holding centre south of Cairns. Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre now has 92 volunteers who dedicate their time to help the sick and injured turtles that are bought into the centres. Jennie runs educational tours, has university students undertaking placement to learn about turtle threats and health. She also assists many centres with her extensive knowledge on sick or injured turtles. She has satellite tracked numerous turtles following extended periods in rehabilitation to monitor their health, and is undertaking research on disease states and treatment of turtles that are bought into care.

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