David R Bellwood Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

David R Bellwood

David Bellwood is a world-leader in the evolution and ecology of coral reef fishes and is the recipient of the 2015 K Radway Allen Award. His exceptional body of work incorporates ecosystem function, palaeontology, molecular biology, biogeography and social-ecological systems, and emphasises the key role of fishes in shaping the future of coral reefs. His greatest contribution, however, is his exemplary record of training young researchers in fish biology, with his graduate alumni holding research or faculty positions in numerous scientific institutions and universities in Australia and overseas. David’s keynote presentation will examine the role of fishes in driving the evolution and ecology of coral reefs. More than any other group, fishes are the strongest link between humans and aquatic ecosystems. Our ability to understand the importance of fishes, not only for humans, but also for marine ecosystems, will be critical for our welfare. Once simply targets for the dinner plate, fishes are now among our best allies in coping with environmental change.

Abstracts this author is presenting: