Nico Briggs Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Nico Briggs

Nico graduated from the University of Colorado - Boulder with a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology and now attends James Cook University where he is pursuing his Master’s degree in marine biology. On a field study program to the Great Barrier Reef, Nico fell in love with coral reef systems and gained hands-on experience in coral reef monitoring and research at Lizard Island Research Station, studied the effects of habitat degradation on charismatic coral reef wrasses, and completed a coral spawning internship with Dr. Ciemon Caballes. During his Master’s program, Nico has been primarily interested in coral biology and ecology, coral reef management, and conservation with an emphasis on community-driven approaches. Now he is investigating the effects of bleaching severity on coral reproduction and aims to identify how coral recovery may be impacted by climate change processes in a changing world.

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