Josh L Bonesso Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Josh L Bonesso

Josh is currently a PhD Candidate (Coral Reef Sciences) in the School of Earth Sciences (UWA), School of Life & Molecular Sciences (Curtin University of Technology) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (CoralCoE). Previous to commencing his doctoral degree, Josh obtained a Bachelor of Science (Wildlife & Conservation Biology) from Latrobe University, and an Honours (Marine Biology) from James Cook University (JCU). Josh’s PhD is investigating the resilience and stability of coral reef islands under changing environmental states in the Pilbara Archipelago, Western Australia. His research aims to resolve the ecological-sedimentary connections of these inshore islands through multidisciplinary methods spanning coral reef ecology, sedimentology, paleoecology and remote sensing/GIS. His ultimate goal is to provide a novel and transdisciplinary approach for investigating historical island development, contemporary landform stability, and future island resilience under global environmental change, with an application to tropical coral reef-island systems worldwide.

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