Arnold G Dekker Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Arnold G Dekker

Arnold’s expertise focuses on the use of Earth observation for aquatic ecosystems from inland waters to estuaries, coastal waters, coral reefs and oceans. His national and international positions enable him to enhance Australia’s international reputation, ensuring access to international space agency satellite data; influencing global science and being a trusted advisor. He has initiated and established many innovations and collaborations. Arnold was a key initiator of the Australian Copernicus Sentinel DataHub. He is founder of SatDek Pty Ltd acting as a knowledge broker for providing aquatic environmental solutions using Earth observation derived information. A significant project he is involved with as science coordinator is the Australian AquaWatch Program with CSIRO, the SmartSat CRC and academic partners such as ANU and Curtin University: AquaWatch intends to build an integrated water quality monitoring and management system using in situ data, earth observation data and water quality modelling. In 2020-2021 he carried out the Digital Earth Australia Aquatic Spectral library project in close collaboration with Geoscience Australia. He is one of the members of the inaugural IOCCG Benthic Reflectance Working Group.

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