Alice M Pidd Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Alice M Pidd

I am a quantitative marine ecologist, undertaking a PhD at the University of the Sunshine Coast under A/Prof. Kylie Scales (USC), Prof. David Schoeman (USC), and Prof. Anthony J. Richardson (University of Queensland). We are investigating how well Australia's current marine protected areas incorporate multivariate climate refugia and facilitate climate connectivity across IPCC AR6 emissions scenarios until 2100. My project culminates in a spatial prioritisation to explore alternate configurations of MPAs that take cognisance of long-term climate impacts. I have a background in NSW and QLD Fisheries, most recently developing qualitative and quantitative Ecological Risk Assessments for the major fisheries along the QLD East coast. I have authored several chapters for the National Status of Australian Fish Stocks process, and was an active member of the Scientific Advisory Group in developing Stock Assessments for Black and White Teatfish in QLD. I am most interested in addressing long-term global climate risks to marine biodiversity through climate projections, and am looking for worldwide post-doc opportunities in the field of climate-smart conservation within quantitative marine ecology and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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