Kathryn Wiltshire Australian Marine Sciences Association 2022

Kathryn Wiltshire

I obtained an Honours degree in Marine sciences from Flinders University in 1994 and have since carried out marine research in a variety of fields, working at SARDI since 2006 and completing my PhD through the University of Adelaide in 2020. At SARDI I work in the Marine Ecosystems program and am currently involved with several projects, primarily in the fields of marine biosecurity and macroalgal ecology and physiology, particularly pertaining to aquaculture, marine pest research, and environmental assessment. A key focus of my research since 2019 has been the validation and refinement of marine pest molecular surveillance methods, including design of marine pest surveys, sample collection and processing, analysis of survey results, and assessment of molecular assay performance. My PhD investigated the suitability of native southern Australian seaweeds for aquaculture, and I have recently been involved in projects supporting the development of the emerging seaweed industry in Australia, including in development of sustainable harvest strategies for seed stock, and management of biosecurity risks for seaweed aquaculture industry.

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